Vungle is a mobile advertising start up headquartered in San Francisco, with offices in London, Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul and Beijing. Their business centers around the mobile game industry, with a core mission of helping mobile game and app publishers acquire more users and make more money from in-app video advertisements. Vungle specializes in supporting pre-cached HD video ads, that can be optimized across iOS and Android platforms. Their mission and challenge is to modernize performance based advertising, specifically for mobile apps.

As Vungle has continued to expand, so too has their need for more developed marketing assets and collateral. With major product launches, conferences and webinars in the books, their team needed help designing new marketing materials that would also fit within brand guidelines. Retaining that start up status often means that brand guidelines are still in-process to refinement, but for us this was an exciting opportunity to contribute to their developing aesthetic. Additionally, Vungle’s products and businesses can be a little challenging to communicate. Back-end “IP” and abstract industry terminology are often not the easiest to visualize, but this again offered us a chance to think through some difficult concepts and provide creative solutions.

The Iconography
The abstract industry terminology inherit to Vungle’s business can be difficult to visualize, we redesigned their icon grid with the goal of creating a set that would be simple, precise and representative, while operating within company brand guidelines.

We created a number of marketing assets to build up their brand and communications portfolio. With a diverse range of needs we worked to find a consistent style that would be both attractive and effective across a variety of use cases. We designed illustrations for an upcoming game developer conference and animations to communicate new platform features. We also spent a great deal of time redesigning their brand iconography for web and promotional use, while also creating a few fun multi-purpose patterns for similar usage.