Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is a popular term in business today. The concept is real. It’s about the transition and transformation of a business from being simply “literate” in digital tech to fundamentally transforming itself through the full incorporation of digital technology. Every company must also in some way become a software company. This is important to Microsoft, as it provides enterprise solutions for most industries.

Communicating Microsoft’s role in the digital transformation conversation requires a targeted approach and message. We worked with an internal Microsoft PR team to develop a strategy driven by animated media. The production would focus on a showcase of established companies who are transforming their businesses through Microsoft tech.

Initial concept work

Both the animated video and the gifs were designed to be highly shareable. The video is fast, fun and paced by some high energy sound design.

The animated gifs, by their very nature are shareable and were used as marketing assets to be shared across all of Microsoft’s social media channels.