The Cloud

More and more people and businesses are moving their data and personal information to the cloud. For Microsoft this is an expanding enterprise, with its commercial cloud revenue projected to be as much as $20 billion in 2018. In the business of cloud computing, trust and security are paramount and Microsoft must communicate the work it is doing to secure the cloud.

Site introduction
The WebGL particle introduction
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We wanted to create a visual theme that would reflect the colliding of the human and digital. The story is technical, but it is also about the people behind the scenes working to secure your data in the connected cloud. We worked to find an aesthetic that would represent this dichotomy, and could be represented across different mediums.

Video offered an avenue for us to help present the main concepts of the narrative in a condensed format. This obviously requires a balancing act of extrapolating on the general and the intrical aspects of cloud security. We produced custom 3d graphics, icons, live action shots along with a musical score.

Digital Geneva Convention
The video is based on a presentation given by Microsoft President Brad Smith, where he calls for a united global effort to address digital security. We produced the music, 3d sequences and cinematography.
Art of Encryption
A video that supplements the main article providing some background information on Microsoft’s encryption technology. We produced music, 3d sequences, graphics and cinematography.

The iconography was inspired by Microsoft’s icon grid and developed to match the unique style of the site.

Site Iconography