Promo Video

When the smartphone becomes a black hole of web searches and Yelp reviews, Operator is there to help navigate the informational clutter. Much like a handheld concierge, the app acts as a digital liaison for any and all of your daily needs. Looking for the perfect outfit? Operator links you with retailers in your area, and manages fast delivery. Need flowers for her? Operator will find your nearest florist, and even provide organic alternatives. Utilizing human interaction and machine learning, the intuitive app turns the web search into a conversation, providing familiarity in an increasingly over-saturated world.

Options are great, but far too often they turn the smallest task into an overwhelming experience. We partnered up with the team over at Operator to help simplify the search, directing and producing a visual story to compliment the brand changing the way we check off the to-do list. Instead of featuring a confusing array of actors and user experiences, we kept things simple, tailoring a custom video project to follow a couple through their life together while showing how Operator, the ultimate digital companion, helps us through life’s difficult decisions.

We used two RED cameras, drones, and the MoVi gimbal to capture a wide range of smooth, quality imagery in a variety of natural settings.

We spent countless pre-production hours searching for music tracks that would breath life into our narrative, finally finding the “it” factor in Keith Kenniff’s “Resolve”.

Our goal was to create a spot that reflects Operator’s ethos—approachable, simple and charming. In addition to a polished final product, we provided a full archive of images and video for future use over multiple platforms and social channels.